Strategic Metals Ltd.



  • Very large porphyry target in established porphyry belt that includes the Casino Deposit
  • Prospecting has returned rocks grading up to 8.72% copper, 560 g/t silver, 1.47% molybdenum, 1.06 g/t gold, 3.51% tungsten, 6,420 ppm tin and >1% zinc
  • Copper soil geochemical anomaly covers 7 by 3 km area with values typically range between 200 and 1,000 ppm, to a peak of 4,520 ppm
  • Soil anomaly contains localized clusters of high silver (18.6 g/t), molybdenum (200 ppm), gold (673 ppb), tungsten (266 ppm), tin (217 ppm) and zinc (2090 ppm) values
  • Three distinct fracture sets, dominated by well mineralized flat lying veins 5 mm to 20 cm thick
Looking north along the main ridge
Strong vein at Meloy
Looking northwest toward main ridge
Meloy Copper Soil Geochemistry

For more information please see the updated Meloy Project Technical Report filed on SEDAR September 18, 2018.