Strategic Metals Ltd.

TSX.V:SMD $0.61

Share Structure

Share Structure (as at July 22, 2020)

Issued 106,572,967
Options 7,335,000
Warrants 13,333,915
Compensation Warrants 583,500
Fully Diluted 127,825,382
Working Capital* $40 million
Corporate Debt None

*Note: Numbers presented above are estimates, they are unaudited and change frequently. Working capital includes cash of $11 million (independent of cash held by subsidiaries) and marketable securities (includes the market value of shares of subsidiary companies) which fluctuate daily. Strategic's 53.4% share interest in Terra CO2 is not included. Strategic holds 15,000,000 shares of Terra CO2 which last raised capital at $0.25/share in 2020.